Custom Frames as Christmas Gifts for a Home Makeover

As the holidays draw near, many embrace the spirit of change by giving their homes a fresh new look. New picture frames are a great choice for a meaningful Christmas gift, whether it’s to enhance your own home makeover or to gift to a friend or relative.

In the season of giving, a custom frame is a canvas for personal expression. It’s a nod to a loved one’s new interior, an appreciation of their style, and a testament to their unique taste. It’s not just a frame – it’s a window to their world, wrapped with a bow.

A Canvas for Memories During Home Redesign

Who doesn’t love giving their home a bit of a facelift, especially around the holidays? And in these stories of transformation and joy, a custom-made picture frame can play a starring role. For those who adore the crisp, clean lines of modern décor, a light wood frame can add that perfect touch of simplicity and freshness. If classic charm is more their style, a dark wood frame brings in that sense of timeless elegance. And for the lovers of all things contemporary, why not go for metallic or modern frames? They’re just the thing to complement the sleek feel of a newly redone space.

Personalisation: The Art That Elevates Gifting

There’s something truly magical about gifting a custom frame. With our handy online frame builder, personalising your gift is easy. Choose the perfect frame style that speaks volumes about the person you’re gifting it to, whether it’s the earthy vibe of a Natural frame or the timeless elegance of a Vintage or Ornate picture frame. And it’s not just about the frame! 

The colours and textures of the mount board add that extra bit of charm, making sure the frame not only holds a special memory but also fits right into their cosy nook at home.

We all have those photos and artworks that mean the world to us. They’re not just pictures; they’re stories, memories, bits of our hearts. And we believe the frames that hold them should be just as special. That’s why our collection is as diverse as your memories – from grand A1 sized frames to quaint 50x70cm frames, and from the rich tones of Dark Wood to the shiny gleam of Metallic finishes. So, whether you’re jazzing up your space or gifting, we’ve got the perfect frame to match every picture and every room makeover.

The Gift of Preservation and Presentation

When it comes to gifts, it’s not just about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside too. Our frames are more than just pretty edges for your photos; they’re guardians of memories. Made with top-notch materials, they make sure your special moments are displayed in all their glory. Don’t worry about size, either: whether it’s a bold statement piece or a quaint little photo, we’ve got the perfect fit.

Imagine gifting something this Christmas that’s more than just a present. Our custom picture frames are like memory boxes, telling stories and holding onto those precious moments year after year. They’re not just gifts, they’re keepsakes that will be cherished well beyond the festive season.

Creating a Masterpiece with Picture Frames Direct

Why not dive into the exciting process of making a gift that’s as unique and beautiful as your memories? With our online frame builder, you’re the artist, and our frames are your canvas. We’ve got styles to suit every kind of room makeover, every kind of memory. And if you need a bit of guidance, our friendly team is right here to help you pick out something extraordinary.

As the year winds down and we get wrapped up in the festive spirit, a custom frame is a gift that brings double the joy. It’s perfect for adding that finishing touch to your home decor, and even better for wrapping up as a heartfelt present. This Christmas, let’s put those special moments in a frame they deserve.

Ready to begin your custom frame adventure? Pop over to our online frame builder or give us a shout for some expert advice. Together, let’s make this festive season unforgettable, with a frame that’s as unique as those cherished, newly revamped spaces in your or your loved ones’ homes.

Available Sizes

Here at Picture Frames Direct, we provide an extensive range of high-quality, made-to-measure picture frames in various styles and sizes, all at affordable prices. For a more distinctive design, we also offer a bespoke frame builder and mount builder. See our list below for more details.

A1 Picture Frames841mm x 594mmA1 Photo Frames
A2 Picture Frames 594mm x 420mmA2 Photo Frames
A3 Picture Frames420mm x 297mmA3 Photo Frames 
A4 Picture Frames 297mm x 210mmA4 Photo Frames

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