Frame the Love this Christmas: The Heartfelt Gift for Newlyweds

Christmas is that special time of year when the air is filled with the scent of mulled wine, the sound of festive jingles, and the thrill of finding the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones. For those friends or relatives of newlywed couples, you’re probably thinking of a present that’s as unique and beautiful as the love they share. Why not consider a custom picture frame? It’s a thoughtful and personal way to celebrate their first Christmas together.

Custom Frames: A Personal Touch to Christmas Cheer

Christmas time has a magical way of bringing out the sentimental side in all of us. It’s a season filled with nostalgia, where the simple act of gifting becomes a profound expression of our affections. When it comes to choosing a present for a newlywed couple, you want something that stands the test of time, just like the vows they’ve exchanged. A custom picture frame is more than just a gift; it’s a window into their most cherished memories, allowing them to relive the joy of their special day, every day.

Choosing a picture frame as a Christmas gift to newlyweds isn’t just practical, it’s incredibly romantic. It’s their first festive season as a married couple, a time when every decoration, every carol, and every shared mince pie becomes part of their shared story. A custom frame seamlessly fits into this new tale of their life together. It’s a promise that, amidst the flurry of the holiday season and the many Christmases to come, the memories they make will be cherished for a long time.

As the couple unwraps this thoughtful present, they’re not just seeing a frame; they’re envisioning the photos that will soon fill it. Whether it’s a photo from their wedding day, a snapshot from their honeymoon, or a collection of moments leading up to their ‘I dos’, each image tells a story of love, commitment, and the adventures that await them.

Gifting a picture frame shows that you’ve put thought into not just the present but also into the moments it will hold. It’s about giving the newlyweds something that will grow with them, change as they do, and always reflect the warmth and beauty of their relationship.

So why gift a picture frame this Christmas? Because in a season of giving, where every light twinkles with hope and every gift is a symbol of caring, a picture frame is a canvas for the past, and a window to the future. It’s a reminder to the newlyweds that their journey is worth framing, cherishing, and sharing with the ones they love.

Over 25 Years of Protecting Memories

We’ve spent over 25 years making sure that when you frame a photo with us, you’re not just getting a frame; you’re getting a piece of handcrafted joy. We put our heart and skills into every corner, every mount, and every pane of glass. We’re not just frame makers; we’re storytellers, helping you to tell the beautiful love story of the couple you’re celebrating this Christmas.

Personalising Your Gift is Easy as Mince Pie: 

Thanks to our online frame builder, you can make your frame as unique and special as the pictures of the happy couple that will be inside it.

The festive season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to show the newlyweds in your life just how much you care. Personalising a picture frame for them is not only thoughtful but also incredibly easy, and here’s how to make it a joyful experience.

The Perfect Dimensions

Whether you’re framing a candid snapshot or a majestic wedding portrait, getting the size right is crucial. It’s like finding the perfect spot for your Christmas decorations; it should fit seamlessly and enhance the space. From more intimate A4 frames perfect for a gallery wall to larger A1 picture frames that command attention, we have all the sizes to suit their home, including the versatile 50cmx70cm frame.

Material Magic

Begin with the basics. Our range of materials caters to every taste. For those who adore the timeless appeal, our dark or light wood frames add a touch of warmth and traditional charm. If the couple’s home is a temple of modern design, a sleek metallic frame would mirror their contemporary flair. Just like choosing the right Christmas tree for your home, picking the frame material sets the stage for what’s to come.

Colour Their World

Now, let’s talk about colour. It’s like picking the perfect set of baubles for the tree; it has to complement and bring joy. You have a huge range at your fingertips: jet blacks for striking contrasts, earthy tones for warmth, or silver or gold picture frames to add a sparkle reminiscent of Christmas lights. Select a shade that will wrap their cherished memory in beauty and celebration.

A Message from the Heart

The mount is more than just a border; it’s a message board. Engrave their special dates, a line from their favourite Christmas song, or a heartfelt message. It’s this personal touch that transforms the frame from a simple present into a treasure chest of memories.

With every click and selection, you’re creating more than a gift; you’re weaving together a story of their love, their milestones, and their journey. It’s a thoughtful, personal, and utterly unique Christmas present that will be unwrapped to smiles and cherished for years to come. Just like the perfect mince pie on a cold December evening, your gift of a customised picture frame will be a sweet ending to their festive celebrations.

The Spirit of Gifting

Gifting a custom picture frame is a Christmas present that says, “I thought of you, and I wanted you to have exactly what you’d love.” So, as you’re sipping on your hot chocolate and scrolling through your Christmas shopping list, why not browse our range of frames, and start the simple process of giving a gift that will hang on their walls and in their hearts for years to come?

This year, let’s go beyond the tinsel and the baubles and give a gift that’s personal, loving, and beautifully framed. After all, Christmas is all about making memories, and our frames are like little time capsules, ready to hold those moments close forever.

Available Sizes

Here at Picture Frames Direct, we provide an extensive range of high-quality, made-to-measure picture frames in various styles and sizes, all at affordable prices. For a more distinctive design, we also offer a bespoke frame builder and mount builder. See our list below for more details.

A1 Picture Frames841mm x 594mmA1 Photo Frames
A2 Picture Frames 594mm x 420mmA2 Photo Frames
A3 Picture Frames420mm x 297mmA3 Photo Frames 
A4 Picture Frames 297mm x 210mmA4 Photo Frames

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