How to Match Your Custom Picture Frames with Your Home Décor

Custom picture frames for home décor

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There are many things you can do to make your house feel like home. It’s about creating a space that reflects your personality, preferences, and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

The furniture, lighting, colour palette, and style of fixtures and fittings can say a lot about the personality and preferences of a person.

No matter what look you are going for, you can take your interior design to the next level by paying attention to the smaller details.  Often, it’s a simple idea that makes all the difference to a room.  A simple idea like matching the colour of a lampshade with the colour of a pillow can be just the type of attention to detail that makes a room feel well thought out. Stylish, yet subtle.

Another simple but very effective way to achieve this is with well-placed picture frames showcasing well chosen artwork, and matching the colour of the frames with other elements of the room.

Here are some ways you can think about the role a Custom Picture Frame can play in achieving a thoughtfully designed and personalised interior.


The easiest way to match your frames with the theme, is to let your furniture take the spotlight. If you are looking to add some picture frames to your living room, you may want to have to choose a colour and style that matches with your sofa, coffee table, or a bookshelf. For example, if you had a grey sofa then maybe one of our selections of Grey Frames would be the perfect option for you. It doesn’t just stop with colours either, you can look at matching styles of furniture with your frames. When you are looking to style out your dining room in a way you can match the frames to the dining room table. One of the options you can look at is the material your table is made of. For example, if your dining room table is made from Oak, then looking at our Oak Frames selection would complete your room.

This process can be completed the same way with other pieces of furniture in your house such as soft furnishings. They can vary from curtains and sofa pillows.


When you are looking to add picture framesto your kitchen, it may seem like a difficult task, compared to the other rooms in the house. But it doesn’t have to be that way, one of the best ways to have the frames match the rooms, is to match them with your appliances. You are free to do this the way we explained before, by matching the colours and materials, or you can try matching neutral colours to different material types. For example, if your appliances in the house are black or white, then you may find a product from our Modern Frame selection fits in well. Neutral Colours tend to work well with Modern Designs, therefore enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.

Paint or wallpaper

A factor to think about when adding a picture frame to the room and matching the theme, would be looking at the current paint or wallpaper you have up in that room. There would be no reason to change the current decor in the room when selecting your picture frames. If the room that required the frame had Pink or Red walls, this can be seen as a warm colour. So something that would complement a warm room nicely would be a Traditional Frame that can be found in our collection.


By following these tips for choosing a frame to decorate your room, you can make it unique and eye-catching compared to others. When choosing your frame, it is important to keep in mind that matching by colour is crucial if there is a colour theme already present in the room. It would also be a great idea to match the frame with the current wallpaper in your home, this will create a coherent style in the room. Another thing to consider would be, If you have multiple pieces of furniture or appliances with the same material, then you can try matching them together. This can be a great way to bring the room together and create a cohesive look. Finally, connecting neutral colours to materials such as wood is an excellent choice that homeowners often overlook. The pictures we capture serve as a reminder of the moments we shared. They hold a significant place in our hearts.

The perfect photo needs a perfect frame to complement it, we have you covered with our range of Hand made Bespoke Picture Frames. If you have any questions about our collections, then Contact our Expert Team and we will help you create the perfect setting for your item.

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