Picture frame and art ideas for holiday homes in the UK

Whether it’s for a weekend break or a month-long stay, a holiday home is your base of operations for a getaway in the UK, so don’t neglect those finishing touches.

Made to measure picture frames can make a holiday home feel more homely. You might even want to hang some photos of your main house, or some shots of your holiday home taken from above, to create that cosy feeling of belonging.

If you rent out your holiday home to other guests, custom picture frames can give it a more luxurious look, and again, local photography or historic images are an excellent neutral option.

Here’s our guide to some other picture frame and art ideas for UK holiday homes.

Oak made to measure picture frames

Oak is on-trend and works well as part of the Scandinavian ‘hygge’ concept, which is all about natural materials and cosy interiors.

Choose images of nature, especially if your holiday home is in a particularly picturesque setting. Even if it’s a city centre apartment, you could opt for photographs of the night-time skyline in made to measure oak picture frames, or shots of more rural scenes.

Oak picture frames are quite modern, so this is a perfect choice for a more contemporary holiday home. But the natural wood aesthetic will also work well in older buildings or if you prefer to decorate in a traditional style.

Ornate custom picture frames

An ornate picture frame is a great choice if you want the frame to be the star, along with the picture it contains.

They’re also ideal in heritage properties, so if your holiday home is a cottage, a converted barn or church, or some other historic building, ornate picture frames should hold their own against the architecture of the property itself.

Again, custom ornate frames can contain historic images perfectly, and choosing a made to measure picture frame allows you to display old photographs that don’t match up to modern-day paper sizes.

Vintage picture frames

Custom vintage picture frames offer many of the same benefits as made to measure ornate frames. However, they are specifically made in older, more traditional styles.

This should work if your property is not architecturally grand, but has plenty of years of history behind it, for example a Victorian mid-terrace or even a detached 1930s bungalow.

Vintage picture frames complement the era in which your holiday home was built. If you have any early photographs of your property, or you can find any in local image archives and obtain prints, you’re well on your way to an interior design scheme filled with sentimental value.

Modern frames

Modern frames are at the other end of the spectrum, offering minimalist style, on-trend colours and a bold statement for properties that have been recently built or refurbished.

The best images to display in modern frames in UK holiday homes include recent city shots, as well as modern art prints by your favourite artist, or by a local resident if your holiday home’s town has any well-known creators living there.

An original artwork could also be a great investment, as it’s likely to retain a lot of its value over the years, for as long as the artist remains popular in the local area. Of course, you can display art from other locations too, but by keeping it within the immediate vicinity, you really reinforce that feeling of being on vacation.

Coloured picture frames

There are all kinds of coloured picture frames to choose from, so if you want to give your holiday home a vibrant and fun feeling – especially if you have young children to take on trips with you – then don’t hold back.

You can get custom picture frames made to measure in every colour of the rainbow, as well as in metallic finishes and different shades of natural wood, so the sky’s the limit in terms of options.

If you’re getting made to measure picture frames, then you should already have your art print, painting or photograph ready to measure up. If so, look for the most prominent colours in the piece and either choose a coloured picture frame to match, or find a complementary shade on the colour wheel if you want a little contrast.

Make it your own

You probably already want to express yourself, if you’re going to buy custom picture frames for your artwork and photographs, so make sure your choice of frames does just that both in terms of its design, and the colours or materials used.

Made to measure picture frames are a great way to make any property feel like home, as they stamp your personal touch on the walls. In a holiday home that impact is worth so much more, so that every trip feels like travelling to a true home from home.

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