Should a picture frame match the artwork inside or the décor in the room?

When buying made to measure picture frames, you can choose colours that perfectly match the room in which the picture will be hung.

But is this the best thing to do? Or would it be better to choose a frame to match the colours in the photograph or artwork inside it?

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the considerations when deciding whether to match your picture frames with the artwork or the décor.

1. Match the room

If you’re having custom picture frames made, there’s a good chance you know where you want to hang the finished picture.

This means you have an opportunity to choose the colour or even same species of wood used in the room, e.g. oak or mahogany, to keep everything on theme.

You might even choose picture frames with a metallic finish like gold, silver or bronze to link with light fittings, lamp shades, or the detailing on the curtain, a armchair or carpet pattern.

2. Match the artwork

When designing a custom picture frame for a specific photograph, object, or a piece of art, it is common to try to match the colours of the frame to the art itself.

Much depends on the image, the size of the frame and the style of mount.

If the frame matches the colour of the wall very closely you my lose some of the impact that a stronger border can have.

Wide frames with an exact colour match can be risky, as this can leave the picture a little lost in the wide space of colour.

Instead, you could choose a matching frame but introduce a clear border for the artwork with a custom mount – we’ll look at some ways to do this below.

3. Matching mount

Unless you want the image to go right to the edge of the frame, it is common to use an internal cardboard mount, to give the image room to breath.

No mount
White mount

Some people prefer a neutral mount, to create a clean border around the image. But you may like to try matching the colour of the mounting card to a prominent colour in the artwork. For example, if you are displaying a graduation photo, you could match the mount to the colour of the graduate’s robes.

Alternatively, you can match the mount colour with the room decor and keep the image and frame neutral, so that together the custom frame and mount work in harmony with the design and the colour scheme of the room.

4. Contrasting mount

Another option for your made to measure picture frames could be choosing a mount that contrasts with the image in the frame. This creates a stronger border for the image but still leaves you with plenty of options for the frame itself.

When you think carefully about how the mount and frame colours work together, you can discover a variety of interesting combinations. If you are matching colours with the room, you could have a mount that contrasts with the wall paint, and a frame that matches a prominent colour from picture.

Again, with a bespoke photo frame, it’s completely up to you to express yourself in a way that displays the image the way you want to – if you want to go for something unusual, that’s completely up to you. There are no rules!

5. Don’t match either

The final option is to design a picture frame that doesn’t match the room or the artwork.

This can work well in rooms where there is already lots going on colour wise, or in very large rooms where you need to make sure the frame stands out.

It’s also a good option if you’re likely to change the picture in the frame or the room in the future, as it means you keep some flexibility and versatility in your picture frame investments.

Whichever way you decide to go, its extremely satisfying to create a custom setting for your special picture, and elevate the interior design aspects of the room with some clever attention to detail.

If you need any help with any part of the custom picture frame design process, of you have any questions about the many layout and design options please contact our friendly, experienced team on 0161 655 4605.

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