The Benefits Of Investing In High-Quality Custom Picture Frames

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

If you have recently bought a large piece of artwork or photography, you may be thinking about how to choose a frame, or where to go to find one.

Most people would probably go to their nearest shop and get a standard frame. Whilst this is the convenient option, they are often cheap and not long-lasting. They are most likely made in high volumes, using low-quality materials designed to sell quickly and they often bring down the authenticity of the picture.

Here at Picture Frames Direct, we believe that if you take the time to invest in a custom picture frame, it will be worth it in the long run. You are a lot less likely to have to replace it with time, it will be made using much better materials and look nicer in your home. It will help bring your investment to life.

If you want to showcase an image in your home, having a bespoke picture frame will help elevate the room, giving it an attention to detail that is second to none.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider a custom picture frame over an off-the-shelf one, and how we can help you enhance your artwork and living space.

1. Preserving your precious work

When it comes to framing, the quality of materials makes all the difference. Whatever shape, size, or colour you choose, you can be assured that it will be of a higher quality than anything you will find in a regular shop.

At Picture Frames Direct, you can be confident that your artistic beauty will be preserved. We use acid-free mountboards, which help to prevent yellowing and deterioration. Not only this, but our commitment to quality extends to the glass we use. UV-protected glass helps to prevent fading caused by harmful sunlight and indoor lighting. We do our utmost to protect your work from any short- or long-term damage.

Custom frames aren’t just about preserving your art, but they’re also about enhancing your living space. We offer a diverse range of frame styles to ensure your frames seamlessly blend with your décor, making your home or office an even more inviting space.

2. Tailored to perfection

No two pieces of art are the same, which is why custom frames are the perfect option. Our bespoke frames are made-to-measure, with an online frame builder which simplifies the design process. You have more creative control, and can customise it to your needs such as choosing the best frame style, materials and dimensions to match your unique vision.

By choosing a custom picture frame, you won’t have to settle for anything less than perfection. Whilst shop-bought frames do have a variety of sizes, these are limited and far from unique. Choosing one which you can create yourself means that it is more likely to fit your vision. Whether you would like a natural frame or vintage frame,  we can help you create the ideal picture frame.

3. Long-term investment

Investing in high-quality custom frames is a smart decision for the long term. You could spend £30 on a picture frame in a shop, but this is more than likely going to need replacing in the short-term due to damage or general wear and tear. Whereas, our frames are built to last, offering durability and longevity that outshine mass-produced alternatives. When you choose Picture Frames Direct, you’re making an investment in your treasured artwork.

Many of our customers are framing items that have a high personal value that they hope to stay in the family for years. Our custom frames protect your artwork, ensuring it remains in excellent condition to be passed down in future years.

Choosing a custom frame is an investment for your home. We have years of experience in frames and art, so you can rest assured that all of our designs are well thought out, so will be a good fit for your space. The quality we provide is unmatched, and we can guarantee that they are not going to fall apart after a few months, helping to increase the value of your art. This could be important if you were ever thinking of selling your artwork in the future.

4. There are more options

You won’t have to settle with a custom frame. There are endless options to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you are going for a more natural oak picture frame or want a more vibrant feel with a modern picture frame, we can provide you with a finish that you won’t be disappointed with.

Everyone’s frame is unique. Whether it is a poster, fine art, painting or photograph, we can help you produce a frame which is fitting to your every need. This is what makes high quality custom frames so different from ones you will find in your nearby shop. From start to finish, you can have a piece of mind that we will provide an individuality and adaptability which you can’t find elsewhere.

5. They make a great gift idea

Custom frames are a great way to provide a thoughtful gift to your loved one. Putting in the extra time to make a frame which matches their style will give the gift a special touch. You won’t be able to find a similar personalised feel with something that is ready-made.

Why choose our High-Quality Picture Frames?

Bespoke frames are of a superior quality compared to regular frames, for many reasons: they last longer, are more tailored to your needs and there are many more options available.

At Picture Frames Direct, we have 25 years of expertise, so you can trust us to deliver a high-quality custom frame. We have well-thought-out materials which we use, hand-picked to ensure the highest of quality. We can produce a personalised piece which will fit perfectly into your home or would make a perfect gift.

We have made designing your custom frame a breeze. Our easy-to-use online frame builder tool guides you through the process step by step, allowing you to choose the ideal frame style, materials, and dimensions from the comfort of your home. Creating your custom frame is as simple as selecting your preferences and entering measurements. Our intuitive tool ensures that you get the perfect frame for your artwork or photos every time.

High-quality custom frames have many benefits, and we can hand-craft a special bespoke picture frame for you. If you have any questions about the design process, or our services in general, do not hesitate to contact our expert team and we would be more than happy to help.

Available Sizes

Here at Picture Frames Direct, we provide an extensive range of high-quality, made-to-measure picture frames in various styles and sizes, all at affordable prices. For a more distinctive design, we also offer a bespoke frame builder and mount builder. See our list below for more details.

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