Top Tips for Perfectly Framing Your Posters

A framed poster can be the perfect personal touch to decorate the walls of your home. Whether it’s a concert poster, a movie poster or even a campaign poster, a framed poster displayed on your wall can provide unique inspiration that reflects your style and personality.

When it comes to framing a poster, there are several aspects to consider, including what type of frame you should display it in. Of course, you want to present your poster attractively, but you also want to ensure your frame stands the test of time. Ready-made store-bought frames provide an inexpensive option, but the quality of the frame suffers as a result – and so will your precious poster in the long-run.

In this article, we’ll guide you through our best tips for framing a poster, covering everything from choosing the perfect frame style and picking the correct size to hanging your framed poster. Whether you’re a memorabilia collector or looking to showcase a cherished gift, we have all the insights you need to create a stunning display for your home.

Why frame a poster?

Posters are the perfect choice if you’re looking to add life and colour to any room. We’ve all got favourites when it comes to popular culture, whether it’s a movie, a popstar or even a superhero, and it’s likely your favourite ‘something’ will have a poster to promote and remember them by. These sorts of posters have become part of modern culture and tell people a lot about our identity and style.

But does a poster need a frame? Though a frame enhances aesthetic appeal, framing a poster isn’t just about looks—it’s about protecting it over the years. Framing your poster protects it from fingerprints, dust and the natural wear and tear that comes with fixing it unprotected to the wall. A well-framed poster can add personality to any room and transform it from a simple decoration into a treasured piece of art.

Selecting your style

The design and aesthetic of the room the poster will be hanging is always crucial to consider when selecting a frame. Whilst a traditional wooden frame might not always go well in a minimalist or a modern setting, a brightly coloured painted finish will really liven it up, fitting perfectly in a more contemporary space.

You’ll want to choose a poster frame that will enhance your poster but also has the appropriate style for the room you want to display it; whilst a wooden frame can give the poster warmth and substance, a black or white finish can offer a more sleek and modern appearance. If you’re looking to make a statement, a frame with a striking colour is an excellent option.

Choosing the right frame size for your poster

Before buying a frame, you’ll want to measure your poster using a ruler or a tape measure to find its length and width to determine the frame size you need. You might also want to measure its thickness to ensure the frame you buy can accommodate your poster. Poster frames come in various widely available standard sizes, including A1, A2, A3 and 50x70cm, and you can hang them in portrait or landscape orientations.

Consider custom-made frames or cut-to-size mounts for a tailored fit if your poster has unusual dimensions. Before purchasing a custom frame, it is vital to ensure you have accurately measured the poster to avoid gaps or overlaps.

To mount or not to mount

Mounts are the perfect option for creating a balanced, proportional look to your display or fitting an unusual-sized poster into a standard-sized frame. A mount will centre your poster within the frame and protect it by keeping the glass from directly touching the print, preventing potential damage over time.

White and black are the most popular colour mounts, but they come in various colours—brighter mounts offer a bold, contemporary look but can sometimes compete with the image for attention.

Inserting your poster into the frame

You might think there’s no technique to this one, but how you insert the poster into the frame is crucial, as you want to avoid damaging your poster or creating air bubbles:

  1. Attach the poster to an adhesive foam board: We highly recommend this step if the poster has been rolled up, as it may not hang straight otherwise. Peel back a few inches of protective film, align the print’s edge and unroll it onto the board slowly, smoothing out air bubbles with a debit card.
  2. Undo the hinges on the frame: Remove the backboard from the frame, leaving the glass in place to protect the poster.
  3. Fit the mount to your poster: If you’re using a mount, place it on top of the poster, making sure all edges are straight.
  4. Clean the glass/plexiglass: Before placing the poster, ensure the glass/plexiglass is clean and dry to prevent moisture damage.
  5. Slide the glass/plexiglass back into place: We recommend holding the glass like a piece of pizza when positioning it in the frame!
  6. Place the poster into the frame: Slide the poster into the frame, adjust as needed and ensure everything is aligned.
  7. Clip the poster into place: Secure the poster to prevent shifting. You can use clips or staples if you’d prefer, but ensure you keep them hidden from the front.
  8. Insert poster back (if using): If you decide against using foam board, add an acid-free poster backing for a professional look.
  9. Secure the backing in place: Align and secure the backing, ensuring the hanging mechanisms are ready to use.

Hanging your framed poster

How you hang your framed poster is equally as important as how you insert the poster into the frame, and it’s the final step in transforming your space! Begin by marking the spot you want the frame’s top-centre point to be and then select the appropriate hardware based on your frame’s weight. For light frames, you can use nails, but for heavier ones, you’ll want wall anchors.

Measure the distance between the top of the frame and hanging mechanism, transfer this to your wall and install the hardware securely.

Finally, hang your frame, ensuring it is level, and then step back and enjoy your beautifully displayed poster!

Final thoughts

If you want to add personality to your home decor, framing a poster is a simple and creative way to highlight your unique style. By following our top tips, you should be able to select the right frame style and master mounting and hanging techniques to preserve and showcase your poster for years to come.

Remember: when choosing a poster frame, consider your space’s size and its colour scheme, taking the time to carefully measure and align your poster before framing it. With these expert tips in mind, you can create a spectacular display of framed posters to impress visitors and inspire you each day.


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