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Use our easy online design tool to create custom picture mounts cut to your exact design and size specifications.

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Overall size may be smaller due to frame rebate & mount overlap, if outer size of frame is critical please email us for advice.

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Standard sizing 0.25 inch or 6.4mm
As standard, our mounts overlap the edges of your image by 4mm. If you have entered the exact sizes that you want the openings to be, and do not require the 4mm overlap, please tick the box below
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Made to Measure Picture Mounts & Custom Picture Mounts

All of our framing products are made to order with custom specifications.  If you have a very special request for a custom mount or made to measure picture frame, or just want to try out some interesting ideas, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to make it happen.  We’ve got mounts and frames to suit any style, design, age or idea you have.

A picture mount not only prevents the artwork from touching the glass, but it also helps the image stand out by creating a visual space between the subject matter and the frame.

Picture mounts can be single or multi-aperture, so you can choose whether to display one or several images within the same frame.  We offer a range of different colours, materials and border styles for your mount designs and we’d be happy to help you make the right choices for your picture.

Use our online tool to create the perfect custom picture frame.


Picture Mount Frequently Asked Questions

A mount can enhance the visual impact of the picture or object by separating it from the frame. A picture is usually placed behind a mount that has an aperture cut out of it, and then placed in a suitably sized frame.

A mount can create a contrast between the image and the frame or the mount can be used to put a picture with an unusual shape or size into a standard frame.

By preventing the artwork from touching the glass, a mount also serves to protect your artwork from damage, particularly from moisture trapped behind the glass.

In general we would say paper artwork or photos should be mounted. We’ve seen many a photograph stuck to the glass because it wasn’t separated.

We use whitecore and blackcore mountboard.

The aperture of the mount will have a bevelled cut and with whitecore mountboard that will stay white through the life of the board. With blackcore the bevel will be black.

In terms of picture frames, an aperture is essentially a hole in the mountboard that you will fill with your photo, painting, picture or object.  It is usually a rectangle or square, but it can be any size or shape.

If you are buying a mount for a frame you already have, it’s best not to rely on the dimensions given on the label.  We always recommend you measure it yourself. Twice.  The imperial and metric sizes are often rounded up or down, so they may not exactly tally up. 

Unless the picture has a border, subtract a little from the aperture size to give you an edge to tape down when you put the picture in. If your picture is 10” by 8” and you order a mount with that aperture size, the picture will fall straight through, and even if you can tape it in, you are likely to see edges, and that will detract from the end result.

Please see our measuring guides for frames and mounts. You can measure in inches, centimetres (cm) or millimetres (mm) whichever you feel most comfortable with.

We endeavour to show a true likeness and description of all the products we sell. However, colours can vary widely from one screen to another.  If you are looking for an exact colour, we recommend that you send for samples before placing an order. Samples can be ordered here.

For standard service we aim to manufacture your order within 4 – 7 working days (but allow up to 10 days). At busy times this may be longer. For priority service we aim to manufacture your order within 1 – 2 working days. Delivery on all orders to England, Wales and Scottish lowland postcodes is next working day following dispatch. Other destinations are shipped on a 2–3 day service.

If your order has not been manufactured then of course you can cancel or amend it by emailing us as soon as possible after placing the order. If your order has already been manufactured, as it is a custom made product it is not eligible for cancellation, amendment or refund.

If you wish to cancel an order, the best way to do this is by telephone so we can verify your cancellation email has been received.  PLEASE NOTE your email alone is not sufficient as it may be the case we don’t see your email in time to stop production.

Current standard turnaround time is 7 - 10 days.

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