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Custom A0 Picture Frames

The A0 Frames below are pre-configured to fit A0 sized pictures. Depending on your specific requirements, your frame may be larger than an A0 size to account for mounts and margins. If your picture is smaller than A0, but you would like an A0 frame, you can use our picture frame builder tool to adjust the size of the picture or artwork. At Picture Frames Direct, we are committed to providing frames that not only complement but also enhance your artwork. Our A0 frames are crafted with the utmost care, ensuring your most significant pieces are displayed in the grandeur they deserve. Use our online frame builder to start crafting your custom A0 frame today, and feel free to contact our friendly team for any assistance or bespoke requests.

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23mm Angled Flat Black
20mm Wide Flat White
23mm Wide Flat Barefaced Solid Oak
22mm Wide Flat Black Cube
23mm Angled Flat White
33mm Wide White Scoop
29mm Wide Flat White
40mm Wide Flat Black
22mm Flat White Cube
20mm Wide Flat White Deep Rebate
40mm Wide Flat White
30mm Wide White Scoop

Custom A0 Picture Frames

If you’re in search of a unique way to showcase a grand piece of artwork, a sizable poster, or any large visual display, our custom A0 Picture Frames are the perfect solution. Crafted from materials of the highest quality and with superior construction techniques, these frames are built to last, ensuring that your artwork or print remains preserved and presented beautifully for years to come. Our extensive range of colours and styles means you’re guaranteed to find the perfect frame to enhance and complement your home décor.

Our bespoke A0 Picture Frames and Mounts are specifically designed to fit artwork measuring 1189mm x 841mm (approximately 118.9cm x 84.1cm or 46.8 x 33.1 inches). Depending on your personal customisation preferences, the actual frame size can be adjusted to be larger than A0, allowing for the inclusion of mounts and margins to suit your display needs.

Our A0 Picture Frames also serve as wonderful gifts. Whether you’re seeking a unique birthday present, a thoughtful holiday gift, or something special for any occasion, a customised frame from our collection is bound to delight.

Every special memory, achievement, photo, or piece of art deserves a frame that is as captivating as the moment it surrounds. Our custom-made picture frames are not only functional; they are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring your artwork is safely preserved for future generations to admire.

We offer a huge range of colours and finishes, allowing you to personalise your frame and mount to your exact liking. This array of customisation options caters to every preference. For admirers of classic elegance, our A0 black frames add a timeless sophistication to any décor. Alternatively, for those with a penchant for minimalism and modern design, our A0 white frames provide a clean, contemporary edge that highlights the beauty of your artwork, photograph, or print.

Choose Picture Frames Direct for your A0 poster frames and experience the perfect blend of premium quality materials, personalised design, and unmatched craftsmanship.

Our team at Picture Frames Direct is always here to assist you. With a broad range of styles and sizes available, we make it simple and enjoyable to create the perfect frame for your space. Let us help you transform your large-scale artworks into stunning displays that speak volumes about your taste and style.


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H Al-Rekabi
H Al-Rekabi
Fantastic clean details. Much appreciated
D Harrison
D Harrison
Thoroughly impressed with the options available, price, delivery and the quality of the frame. Many thanks!
Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent
This company's products and customer service was excellent. I had a bespoke frame made for a large vintage print and it fitted perfectly. The printing of the title on the mount was an added bonus!
Anne Willmott
Anne Willmott
This company is quite the best value anywhere. Beautifully framed with all measurements perfect. I'd use no other!
Bonnie MacBird
Bonnie MacBird
Excellent selection and service. Pricing is competitive and I’m very pleased with the results.
Chris Taffs
Chris Taffs
Great service. Really helpful when I had a we question about my order. Highly recommended.
John Elliott
John Elliott
Frame is absolutely spot on. Really secure packaging too.
Rocket Creative
Rocket Creative
Absolutely superb service and advice, from my first contact with Roger he was helpful, polite and a great understanding of my thoughts and needs. As a freelance illustrator I always use independents to supply / work with. Picture Frames Direct are excellent.
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson
Produced as requested and delivered when expected in excellent packaging.
lauma kazusa
lauma kazusa
Fantastic service and quality! Ordered a bespoke oak frame. Not only it fits the picture perfectly, the frame smells of wood that I love.

Frequently Asked Questions about A0 Picture Frames

A0 size is a part of the A-series paper sizes, standardised by ISO 216. In centimetres, it measures 118.9cm x 84.1cm, and in inches, it’s approximately 46.8 x 33.1 inches. This sizing system ensures consistency and ease of use in various industries, from printing to framing.

Yes, there are larger sizes than A0, namely 2A0 and 4A0. The 2A0 measures about 1682 x 1189 mm, and the 4A0 doubles that size, measuring around 2378 x 1682 mm. These sizes are less common, but are used for very large displays like architectural plans or extensive graphic presentations.

A0 frames are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. They are perfect for displaying posters, scientific posters, large prints, architectural plans, and artwork that require a larger canvas. Their size makes them ideal for making a statement in both professional and personal settings.

Printing an A0 picture typically requires a specialised large-format printer. Many print shops will offer this service. Alternatively, for a DIY approach, you could print smaller sections (like 16 A4 sheets) and piece them together, though this will affect the overall quality and look.


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