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A black picture frame is a classic, elegant, and formal statement, oozing style and sophistication, while also accentuating the beauty of the picture you are looking to showcase. Black frames are perfect for pictures containing both light and dark tones, contrasting pleasingly with the paler shades and complementing the darker features. This is why many people choose black frames for their favourite black and white photos – the effect can be dramatic and immediately eye-catching.

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Some Inspiration for Your Black Picture Frames

Black is timeless and endlessly versatile, which means that a black frame can be used for pictures from almost any genre or historical period. The black frame will showcase your piece perfectly, while creating a stylish, artistic feel to the room, providing a prestigious and authoritative tone.

You can turbo charge this effect by using a black picture frame on a dark coloured wall for a truly chic, modern look, making the picture the focus of the room while also providing a stylish, slightly edgy feel. Remember though, that the versatility of black extends to an almost infinite variety of shades and tones. This allows you to choose a black picture frame when you are looking for a more subtle, understated feel, with tints such as charcoal providing more depth and warmth, while jet black or obsidian create a dramatic, contemporary edge.

Whichever tone or shade of black you have in your vision, we will ensure that your bespoke frame perfectly serves your purpose. Use our simple online frame builder tool to design your own frame, and we will craft it ourselves in one of our two workshops (one in Manchester, one in Lancashire).

We are a family owned and run business, and we have been making high quality made to measure picture frames for over 30 years. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide expert advice, should you need it during the design phase, and also means that you can be sure that your frame will meet your exact specifications.

We only use the finest quality materials and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to make our frames, and we don’t mass-produce anything, so we guarantee you will receive a top quality frame which you won’t see anywhere else.


Black Picture Frame Design Ideas

Here are some examples of black picture frames with different mount sizes and colours.

This is a 29mm Flat Black Frame with grained Ayous wood and a black painted finish (product ref: 287167000).

We’ve used a single square mount in white for a clean crisp border that helps draw attention to the focal point of the artwork.

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Black picture frame with wide mount



The same black frame (product ref: 287167000) and white border work well with an oval mount in this example, which creates a softer more romantic feel.

Black picture frame with oval mount

The dual purpose of a mount is to protect the picture and create space between the frame and the image that helps to focus the eye on the subject.  If the artwork or photograph is very large, and the intention is for the eye to focus on the whole piece, there may be no needed for the added space provided by a mount.

In this example we’ve used a large image (110cm x 80cm) in the black frame without a mount.

The effect is to draw you into the location, creating the sensation that you are there, immersed in the surroundings.

Black picture frame with no mount

When a wide mount is added, it changes the perspective.  The viewer feels more like a distant observer of a location frozen in time.



Black picture frame for large picture




This example shows the 20mm Scoop Black and Silver picture frame (ref: 455167348) with a black and silver edge and foil finish with an 11mm rebate and core white 1 inch mount border on all sides.

The combination of this black frame with this black and white image makes a dramatic impact.

All of these black frame options and more can be found in our online picture frame design tool, and our team will be happy to help you make the best choices for your image if you need help.

Black silver scoop picture frame







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