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A Blue Picture Frame would compliment an elevated, well-appointed living or dining room, perfectly presenting a picture that you want your guests to notice. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, and it creates an immediate sense of openness and freedom. Using blues as part of your interior design palette will give the smallest room a greater feeling of space; using a Dark Blue Picture Frame can similarly draw attention to the depth and range of a well selected picture.

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23mm Flat blue cube
23mm Flat dark blue cube

Some Inspiration For Your Blue Picture Frames

Associated with wisdom and intelligence, blue signifies importance and confidence, without the sometimes sombre undertones of black. This is why blue is often chosen for uniforms and business suits. A rich slate or steel blue creates an elegant, sophisticated effect, subtly showcasing your picture while a dark blue picture frame can give your room a sense of depth and style.

Blue is also versatile enough to be cooling and tranquil, or edgy and brash. Create a bright and summery holiday vibe in a sunroom by choosing sky blue, cornflower or cerulean, or go more dramatic and dynamic with an electric or cobalt blue.

A deep shade of dark blue, often used to represent authority and intelligence, might be a strong choice for an office or study room, but it could work equally well in a bedroom or dining room when combined with other tones present in the décor or soft furnishings.

Football memorabilia is a very popular choice for picture framing projects, and given that more than half of the English Premier League football teams have a shade of blue within their colour palettes, the right choice of blue picture frame could be the perfect way to present your precious item.

As always, pick a colour which matches a shade in your artwork, whether you create an air of solidity by choosing the primary colour from the picture, or decide to really make your piece stand out by picking out a tiny shade within it.

Fortunately, picking the right shade of blue for your frame is the hardest part of the process. We are a family owned and run business, and we have been making top-quality made to measure picture frames for more than 30 years – we put all that knowledge and experience into providing you with precisely the frame you want.

Our online picture frame builder and picture mount builder tools are easy to use, allowing you to design your Blue Frame to the exact size and specification you need. If you do need any help at this stage, we’ll be more than happy to use our experience to help. We then use the latest equipment and the finest quality materials to craft your frame to your exact specification.

We don’t mass-produce any of our frames; we make every one ourselves in our Manchester and Lancashire workshops, meaning that we can guarantee our craftsmanship.

We are passionate about our frames, and we are confident you will be too.


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