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Gold Picture Frames Made to Measure

Gold will always have a special place in our hearts. It is the colour we associate with wealth, grandeur and prosperity, but it is also a natural way to bring warmth into your room. A gold picture frame can be bright and cheerful, due to the colour psychology of its cousin, yellow; gold can also be sombre and traditional, showcasing an antique piece of art which you treasure as a masterpiece. Gold has such versatility, deciding that you want a gold picture frame is only the start of the story.

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17mm Square Champagne
17mm Square Spotted Warm Gold
37mm wide flat gold
38mm wide gold scoop
31mm wide flat gold
75mm Ornate gold
35mm wide metallic dark champagne gold scoop
20mm metallic dark champagne gold cube
20mm wide silver/gold scoop
23mm wide flat gold
35mm wide flat gold
38mm silver/gold scoop

Some Inspiration for Your Gold Picture Frame

As a general rule, Gold Picture Frames work best on a wall with warm paint undertones (silver frames better complementing cool undertones). Tone is also the key factor to consider when deciding which shade of gold you need for your frame. Although there are no set rules for choosing the right frame (and remember, whatever general rules there are, you should be happy to break them if your vision demands something different), some guidelines are:

  • Warm orange-gold picture frames suit pictures of the outdoors, especially pictures using lots of green.
  • Brassy red-gold frames are often used with colourful, funky pictures.
  • Traditional gold frames are perfect for fine art originals or prints.
  • Glossy, cool undertones in your gold frame set off cool toned photos.
  • Cool gold frames are an excellent choice for larger pieces.


A Gold Picture Frame will provide a sense of glitz and glamour to your room, indicating the passion you have for your artwork. We are also passionate about your picture frame, and we want to help you craft the perfect frame for your vision.

When you use our online picture frame builder, we will be available if you have any questions about your design. When we build your made to measure picture frame, we use only the finest materials, the most cutting-edge equipment and all our 30 years’ experience as a family run framing business to create a bespoke frame, made to your exact specifications.

And when we ship your frame, we put the same amount of care and attention into packing it carefully and securely as we do in making it, to ensure that it arrives with you in perfect condition.

Gold has always been a mark of the finest quality – that is exactly what you are getting with one of our frames.

No matter which style guide you look at, a gold photo frame is there.  These versatile accessories are far from being outdated. From the subtlest stripe of gold to elaborate antique decoration, you can find a gold picture frame that will complement your home and add a little luxury.

All of these gold picture frame options and more can be found in our online picture frame design tool, and our team will be happy to help you make the best choices for your image if you need help.

Gold Picture Frame Design Ideas

We offer a wide range of gold picture frames with different mount sizes and colours.

A gold frame can achieve an understated, elegant style in any modern home.  There has been a resurgence in popularity of gold frames in recent years as designers have fallen in love with everything metallic.  Glamorous, eclectic, and luxurious are clearly the way forward in the latest trends for interior design.

And if you are looking for an ornate way to display a special image, a gold photo frame could be just the thing.

One of our most popular gold frames is the 38mm gold/bronze scoop with a metallic gold look scoop and a 15mm rebate (product ref 2137GD).  This gold frame has a simple, modern feel that makes it suitable for a wide range of image types, colour palettes and settings.

Made to Measure Gold Picture Frame

Some images work best with a single square mount in white for a clean crisp border that helps draw attention to the focal point of the artwork.

Oval mounts are popular with a gold frame for certain family photos, wedding photos and baby photos to create a softer more intimate and personal feel.


The example shown is our 75mm ornate gold frame.

Photo by Sofia Hernandez on Unsplash

When choosing the perfect frame for your picture or photo, it is important to consider the colour scheme of the room where the framed piece will hang.


Gold picture frames can enhance the detailing on wallpaper or curtains in a dining room, office, restaurant, or hotel and if the image complements the external environment too, an impression of timeless quality can be created.


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