Green Picture Frames

Green Picture Frames

It is a colour which is all around us, so it is natural that green is such an important colour in interior design. Part of the reason for this is because green is recognised as the most restful and relaxing colour for the eye.

Choosing a green picture frame takes advantage of this soothing feeling and allows you to unleash the positive natural energy of a colour universally associated with life and renewal.

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23mm Flat green cube
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Inspiration for Your Dark & Light Green Picture Frames

You can choose to pair your green frame with a realistic countryside scene, drawing out the natural tones of the artwork, emphasising the sense of freshness inherent in all shades of green. For pieces such as these, darker greens like basil or moss are usually most appropriate, perfectly complementing the tones of the picture. In contrast, a vibrant bright green frame can dramatically showcase a more abstract, contemporary artwork, giving your room an immediate burst of energy and passion.

The vast range of shades and tones of green means that it is a highly versatile choice for a picture frame as it can be stylishly combined with such a variety of other colours. A colour palette of green and blue represents nature and the water, providing an effortlessly calming influence on any environment. Green can also be combined with red for a more dramatic, powerful effect. With its ability to create both a warming and cooling feeling, depending on the colour you pair with it, a green picture frame allows endless versatility in location.

You can use our simple online frame builder tool to precisely select the style and colour of frame your vision demands. If you have any questions during your design phase, we will be available to offer advice based on our 30 years of experience as expert frame makers.

As a family owned and run business, we understand the importance of hanging the perfect picture frame in your home, whatever the style of picture you are showcasing, so we never mass-produce any of our frames; everything we do is made to your exact specifications using the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

We also take great care to ensure that all our frames are packaged securely so that reach you in perfect condition. We are proud of our made to measure picture frames, and we are confident that you will be equally proud to hang one on your wall.


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