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Grey Picture Frames may be the ideal solution if your interior design vision requires a cool, stylish, neutral touch. With its natural balance, grey is a timeless, practical colour which is almost endlessly versatile. With a huge variety of shades, from the solidity of slate and iron, to the gentle touch of dove and oyster greys, whatever the décor of your room and the style of your piece, you will be able to design a grey picture frame which will complement both perfectly. We custom build Grey Wooden Picture Frames to your exact size and colour specifications and deliver to the UK mainland with standard and fast-track delivery options.

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30mm Open Grain Light Grey Bevelled
30mm Open Grain White/Grey Bevelled
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35mm flat grey
35mm flat light grey
35mm Open Grain Dark Grey Bevelled
35mm Open Grain Light Grey Bevelled
35mm Open Grain White/Grey Bevelled

Some Inspiration for Your Grey Picture Frames.

Grey is really the best of two worlds: darker greys such as charcoal convey the same sense of sophisticated strength as black; light greys communicate the positive associations of white, such as light, cleanliness and sincerity.

The shade for your picture frame will, as always, be determined partly by the artwork it will display, with a serious, powerful Expressionist or Baroque painting better suited to a darker grey, while a softer, more brightly coloured Rococo or Fauvist piece will generally work better in a lighter grey frame. All tones of grey can equally be used to provide a stylish contrast to the brass, bold colours of Pop Art.

A Grey Wooden Frame can also act as an excellent alternative to silver, retaining many of its elegant, sophisticated characteristics. This can be important in a kitchen or bathroom, where silver or chrome fixtures and fittings require some contrast. A well-chosen Grey Picture Frame can retain the sharp, clean aesthetic, while providing some important variety.

If you have any questions about the shade of your Grey Frame, or anything else during the design phase, contact us for some advice: as a family run framing business, we have over 30 years’ experience, and we are very happy to offer our expert opinion, should you need it. You will find though, that our online picture frame builder tool makes designing your perfect frame extremely straightforward. Once you have provided the details, we will custom make your made to measure picture frame to your exact specifications.

We maintain the quality of our frames by making each one individually from the finest materials – nothing is mass-produced. Every frame is crafted in one of our own workshops, either in Manchester or Lancashire, and is carefully hand-packed to ensure that it arrives with you in perfect condition. We are confident you will love your frame as much as we loved making it.


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H Al-Rekabi
H Al-Rekabi
Fantastic clean details. Much appreciated
D Harrison
D Harrison
Thoroughly impressed with the options available, price, delivery and the quality of the frame. Many thanks!
Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent
This company's products and customer service was excellent. I had a bespoke frame made for a large vintage print and it fitted perfectly. The printing of the title on the mount was an added bonus!
Anne Willmott
Anne Willmott
This company is quite the best value anywhere. Beautifully framed with all measurements perfect. I'd use no other!
Bonnie MacBird
Bonnie MacBird
Excellent selection and service. Pricing is competitive and I’m very pleased with the results.
Chris Taffs
Chris Taffs
Great service. Really helpful when I had a we question about my order. Highly recommended.
John Elliott
John Elliott
Frame is absolutely spot on. Really secure packaging too.
Rocket Creative
Rocket Creative
Absolutely superb service and advice, from my first contact with Roger he was helpful, polite and a great understanding of my thoughts and needs. As a freelance illustrator I always use independents to supply / work with. Picture Frames Direct are excellent.
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson
Produced as requested and delivered when expected in excellent packaging.
lauma kazusa
lauma kazusa
Fantastic service and quality! Ordered a bespoke oak frame. Not only it fits the picture perfectly, the frame smells of wood that I love.



Grey Photo Frame Examples


This is a 17mm large Grey Picture Frame (width 100cm x height 50cm)

(product ID 1717-638), which is pine wood with a metallic foil finish.

We’ve used a single square white mount to create a fresh modern feel, that emphasises the scene as a whole.

Image source:  Garrett Patz on Unsplash

The is the same large grey/silver picture frame (product ID 1717-638) with an oval mount to add a hint of nostalgia for a more classic feel that takes us on a journey through familiar and fond memories.


Image source:  Garrett Patz on Unsplash

This A4 sized grey photo frame has a 30mm width, and an open grain dark grey bevelled edge (product ID 3021 – 019).  The grey shade of the frame contrasts beautifully with the colour tones of the image to create a sharp, stylish, sophisticated look that shows attention to detail.  A stunning gift or family keepsake, the combination of this grey picture frame and the right image demonstrates how much of an impact the right pairing can have.


Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

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