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Oak Picture Frames Made to Measure

Experience the charming blend of nature's beauty and superior craftsmanship with our Oak Picture Frames. These frames are designed to capture the essence of your cherished memories and artworks, enveloping them in a rustic, natural elegance that only oak can provide.

If you are looking for beauty, elegance, and versatility, Oak Picture Frames are often the perfect choice for your artwork. The unspoilt beauty of the natural materials is such that an oak frame will complement any style of picture superbly, as well as giving your room a modern, contemporary feel.

There has been a renaissance of natural resources being used in stylish, luxury home furnishing, and one of our smooth-grained, natural solid-wood oak frames will provide you with the perfect combination of classic style and modern design.

Using a genuine oak frame provides a solid, timeless look, while also allowing you the flexibility of moving your artwork safely into another spot, knowing that the frame is so versatile it will look fantastic in a variety of locations.

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23mm Wide Flat Barefaced Solid Oak
35mm wide flat oak effect
22mm wide oak veneer
40mm wide oak veneer
63mm wide oak veneer
20mm Flat Oak Venner
38mm Flat Oak veneer
35mm wide flat oak stain

Some Inspiration for Oak Picture Frames

Our bespoke design service also means that you can use this beautiful, natural material to create the perfect style for your needs. We have over 30 years’ experience designing and hand-crafting exclusive frames, and we have stayed at the top of the game because we are so committed to finding the best way to showcase each individual piece of art. No job is too big, or too small – we are committed to providing the best service possible, whatever your wishes. We will take the time to ask and answer questions so that we fully understand what you are looking for. Whatever you want to display, and whatever your vision of how the finished piece will look, our experienced and professional designers and framers will use this glorious, natural material to craft the perfect custom picture frame.

As with all our bespoke picture frames, our solid oak frames are hand-made to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, starting with expert advice at the design and measuring stage and the ease of our step-by-step order process, right through to the care we take with the safe and secure packaging material we use.

As a family-run business, we understand the importance of relationships and the emotional value of pieces of art, and we bring that understanding into the crafting of every single made to measure picture frame, all of which are hand-made by us in our own workshops in Lancashire and Manchester. We combine over 30 years of experience with state-of-the-art machinery and processes to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available.

We care deeply about what we do, and we believe that, having been making frames for over 30 years, our invaluable experience allows us to offer a unique service.

Our prices are competitive, and the bespoke wooden picture frames we produce are handmade exactly for your needs. We don’t mass produce any of our products, so we avoid the imperfections which inevitably arise in that process, and you can also be confident that you won’t see your frame anywhere else.


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H Al-Rekabi
H Al-Rekabi
Fantastic clean details. Much appreciated
D Harrison
D Harrison
Thoroughly impressed with the options available, price, delivery and the quality of the frame. Many thanks!
Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent
This company's products and customer service was excellent. I had a bespoke frame made for a large vintage print and it fitted perfectly. The printing of the title on the mount was an added bonus!
Anne Willmott
Anne Willmott
This company is quite the best value anywhere. Beautifully framed with all measurements perfect. I'd use no other!
Bonnie MacBird
Bonnie MacBird
Excellent selection and service. Pricing is competitive and I’m very pleased with the results.
Chris Taffs
Chris Taffs
Great service. Really helpful when I had a we question about my order. Highly recommended.
John Elliott
John Elliott
Frame is absolutely spot on. Really secure packaging too.
Rocket Creative
Rocket Creative
Absolutely superb service and advice, from my first contact with Roger he was helpful, polite and a great understanding of my thoughts and needs. As a freelance illustrator I always use independents to supply / work with. Picture Frames Direct are excellent.
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson
Produced as requested and delivered when expected in excellent packaging.
lauma kazusa
lauma kazusa
Fantastic service and quality! Ordered a bespoke oak frame. Not only it fits the picture perfectly, the frame smells of wood that I love.


Custom Oak Picture Frames Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, oak is an excellent material for picture frames. Known for its strength, durability, and distinct grain patterns, oak brings a warm, earthy aesthetic to any space. Its natural texture and colour variations lend each frame a unique personality, making it more than just a picture holder – it’s a piece of art in itself.

For those who seek the rustic appeal of oak without the investment, our oak effect picture frames are the perfect solution. They capture the distinctive look of real oak, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy its natural beauty.

Different woods offer different aesthetic and durability characteristics, and the “best” can often depend on individual preference and the specific needs of the artwork. Oak, however, is a top choice for many, and with good reason.

Oak is a hard, sturdy wood known for its distinctive grain and timeless appeal. It pairs well with a wide range of art styles and decor themes. For those desiring a robust aesthetic, our chunky oak picture frames provide a bold statement piece, while our standard oak frames offer a classic look.

Oak is a hardwood, renowned for its durability and longevity. With proper care, an oak frame can last for decades, making it a worthwhile investment. The natural strength of oak makes it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your cherished artworks and memories remain protected for years to come.

Yes, oak frames do change colour with age, but this is part of their charm. Over time, exposure to light can cause oak to darken, enhancing its rich, warm tones. This natural aging process adds character and depth to your frame, making it a dynamic piece of your decor that evolves and matures with you.

At Picture Frames Direct, we’re proud to offer a range of oak and oak effect picture frames. Whether you’re looking for the rustic charm of chunky oak picture frames or the cost-effective elegance of oak effect picture frames, we’ve got you covered. Embrace the natural beauty of oak with us, and elevate your framing experience.


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