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Orange Picture Frames Custom Size

As a blend of red and yellow, orange is a lively and dynamic choice for a picture frame, giving your room a lovely, revitalising combination of red’s high energy and the bright happiness which everyone associates with yellow. The vibrant and flamboyant nature of orange means it is high visibility and gains attention, while retaining more subtlety and projecting less aggression than red, as it is tempered by its calming yellow tones.

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23mm Flat orange cube

Some Inspiration for Your Orange Picture Frames

Colourful holiday photos or funky modern prints are often ideally displayed in orange picture frames due to orange’s associations with fun, happiness, warmth and sunshine. Play with the tones in your orange frame depending on your vision: stronger red tints suggest passion and heat, while a more yellow-orange frame creates a cooler, more relaxed vibe.

Also think about the colours in your picture and the emotional impact you want your picture to have. Orange and blue are complimentary colours and are often used to represent summer fun, while orange and green evoke images of tropical islands. If you want a picture frame which will help transport you to your favourite or dream destination, then showcase your image in orange.

An orange frame is not just for bright holiday snaps though. Orange is also the colour of autumn, with pumpkin and copper oranges giving off a soothing and gently warming aura, evoking images of a welcoming fire in a rustic farm cottage. Frames with these tones can perfectly showcase more traditional rural images.

You can use our online frame builder tool to try different colour ideas as you design your frame. The process is quick and easy, and we are available to provide any advice we can.

We are committed to giving you the best customer experience possible; as a family owned and run business for over 30 years, the relationships we build with our clients are vitally important to us. That commitment extends to only ever using the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment in our manufacturing process, and to ensuring the quality of our made to measure picture frames by crafting each one ourselves in our own Manchester and Lancashire workshops.

We also take the time and effort to ensure the safe packing and transportation of your frame, so it is in perfect condition when you hang it on your wall. You can be confident that our passion for your orange picture frame matches that of the image it contains.


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