Ornate Picture Frames

Ornate Picture Frames Made to Measure

Ornate Picture Frames, sometimes called swept or Rococo frames, provide a sense of style and glamour to any room. Originally crafted for the walls of royal palaces, beautiful, timeless ornate picture frames will complement modern artwork just as perfectly as more traditional pieces. The intricate, bespoke design of your ornate frame will add a sense of luxury and elegance to any room, whether your home is a modern city centre apartment or a traditional countryside cottage.

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35mm Wide Traditional Walnut Scoop
52mm wide reverse dark wood
65mm wide reverse dark wood with gold edge
20mm wide traditional cushion
38mm wide gold scoop
30mm Black Scoop
52mm Wide Black Spoon
39mm Flat Bevel Black
31mm wide flat gold
31mm wide flat silver
75mm Ornate gold
75mm Ornate Silver Reverse

Some Inspiration for Your Ornate Picture Frames 

Ornate Picture Frames are the perfect choice if you have a truly special or statement piece of art: to really show off your favourite piece, simply speak to our expert professional framers, who will design and craft an ornate picture frame to showcase your artwork as it would appear in a museum (or a castle!).

Ornate frames are also versatile enough to work as part of a gallery of smaller frames of different designs. And if your artwork, or your wall, is on a smaller scale, that doesn’t mean you have to lower the grandeur of your vision: we can design a beautiful Custom Ornate Picture Frame at any size to suit your needs.

An Ornate Picture Frame also allows you a choice of finishes, such as lavish gold or silver leaf or classic bronze, and frame choices like Palazzo, Renoir, Marquis and Cordoba. Whatever you envision for your wall, we can craft the perfect picture frame to meet your needs.

We can offer such an individualised service because we hand craft all our made to measure picture frames at our own workshops in Manchester and Lancashire. Using the latest equipment, we use our 30 years of picture framing experience to combine traditional craftmanship with modern processes to produce truly exceptional frames.

We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.  Use our easy online picture frame design tool to create a unique frame with a custom mount if you wish, and we’ll hand-make it to your exact specifications.

Our experienced team are always on hand for any help or advice you need.

We understand the emotions attached to the pictures you hang on the wall of your home, and we love playing our small part in creating something precious.

Ornate Picture Frame FAQs

An ‘ornate’ picture frame is elaborately decorated with bold, complicated patterns.

In modern interior design, ornate picture frames are being used to create a vintage look that connects us with the past but remains classy and sophisticated.

A vintage interior can take inspiration from any historical period, even combining elements from different periods, to create something reassuringly familiar.

A carefully selected ornate picture frame can be used in combination with other furniture, furnishings and lamps to complete the authentic luxury style without the need for any expensive antiques.



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