A4 Photo Frames

A4 Photo Frames

Order your frame for an A4 photo online today and experience the craftsmanship of Picture Frames Direct. We take immense pride in crafting high-quality, wooden A4 photo frames tailored to meet your specific needs. With over 25 years of experience, we are adept at providing that perfect final touch to your photographs, be it a special milestone, a cherished memory, or a precious family moment.

Using our user-friendly online frame builder tool, you can effortlessly design the ideal A4 coloured frame, selecting from our extensive array of A4 frames with mount. Whether you're looking for a classic wooden A4 photo frame or a more vibrant A4-mounted photo frame, our dedicated team is passionate about helping you preserve your memories in style. We are committed to assisting you in finding the perfect A4 photo frames with mount for your beloved photos, enhancing them with a touch of sophistication and personalisation.

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23mm Angled Flat Black
20mm Wide Flat White
23mm Wide Flat Barefaced Solid Oak
22mm Wide Flat Black Cube
23mm Angled Flat White
33mm Wide White Scoop
29mm Wide Flat White
40mm Wide Flat Black
22mm Flat White Cube
20mm Wide Flat White Deep Rebate
40mm Wide Flat White
30mm Wide White Scoop

A4 Photo Frames with Mount

Our Custom A4 Photo Frames are the perfect way to display your most beloved memories in style. Our user-friendly online frame builder tool makes the design process quick and easy, helping you create the perfect A4 frame and mount for your favourite photo in no time. Whether you want to preserve a cherished moment or match your room’s decor flawlessly, our custom A4 photo frames look amazing, and are built to last.

We understand that each piece of art is as unique as its owner. That’s why we offer an extensive range of A4 photo frame colours and styles, ensuring you find the perfect frame for your needs. Our selection caters to every taste and style, from classic to contemporary, ornate to minimalist.

Choose from a wide array of A4 photo frames, select your preferred glass and mountboard, and even upload an image to visualise how it will look.

Our team of experts is always on hand to provide professional advice and assist you in framing your photos and prints. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance or inspiration – we’re just a call or click away.

Explore our collection and begin designing your custom A4 photo frames today. Your cherished memories deserve nothing less than the finest frames crafted with love and expertise.


Based on 55 reviews
H Al-Rekabi
H Al-Rekabi
Fantastic clean details. Much appreciated
D Harrison
D Harrison
Thoroughly impressed with the options available, price, delivery and the quality of the frame. Many thanks!
Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent
This company's products and customer service was excellent. I had a bespoke frame made for a large vintage print and it fitted perfectly. The printing of the title on the mount was an added bonus!
Anne Willmott
Anne Willmott
This company is quite the best value anywhere. Beautifully framed with all measurements perfect. I'd use no other!
Bonnie MacBird
Bonnie MacBird
Excellent selection and service. Pricing is competitive and I’m very pleased with the results.
Chris Taffs
Chris Taffs
Great service. Really helpful when I had a we question about my order. Highly recommended.
John Elliott
John Elliott
Frame is absolutely spot on. Really secure packaging too.
Rocket Creative
Rocket Creative
Absolutely superb service and advice, from my first contact with Roger he was helpful, polite and a great understanding of my thoughts and needs. As a freelance illustrator I always use independents to supply / work with. Picture Frames Direct are excellent.
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson
Produced as requested and delivered when expected in excellent packaging.
lauma kazusa
lauma kazusa
Fantastic service and quality! Ordered a bespoke oak frame. Not only it fits the picture perfectly, the frame smells of wood that I love.



A4 Photo Frame Frequently Asked Questions

A4 photo frames are meant to hold items that measure around 21 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches or 210 x 297mm in size. 


These frames are ideal for displaying smaller landscape photos and other cherished family memories. They are usually placed in living rooms or bedrooms.

A4 frames are perfect for showcasing smaller photos with details like portraits, family photos, or artwork, allowing for clear close-ups or interesting compositions. They are ideal for personal keepsakes like a child’s artwork or an achievement that can be displayed in an office or study.

The two most popular materials used for A4 photo frames are wood and metal. Wood frames have a classic and elegant look that offers timeless appeal and durability. On the other hand, metal frames have a sleek and modern feel that can add a contemporary touch. 

At Picture Frames Direct, we offer both materials for all of our photo frames in various styles and colours. We also provide many mounting options and a personalization section where you can add a message.

The ideal amount by which a frame should be larger than the picture it holds is typically around 10-15mm on each side. This allowance provides enough space for the picture to be easily inserted into the frame and ensures that it remains securely held in place. 

With our frames, we also have options for mounting, which we usually say require a 4mm gap in between. It is best to measure out the piece that you want to display and check to find the right sized frame and mount.

Our A4 photo frames are made with top-quality materials and designed to be durable. They have a solid build that won’t require you to buy replacements after one house move, change of artwork or accidental knock. 

Unlike cheaper alternatives, ourA4 photo frames can be customised in terms of dimensions, colour, and material, which means you can have a unique frame that enhances and protects your artwork.


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