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Colour psychology plays an enormous, often unrecognised, part in our lives, and the colour palette you choose in your house can have a major influence on your mood and energy levels. Pink is in the summer colour season, associated with brightness and warmth. A pink picture frame will therefore bring vibrant energy to your room, while being versatile enough to work with a range of settings and moods.

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23mm Flat pale pink cube
23mm Flat Fuschia pink cube

Inspiration for Your Pink Picture Frames

The colours in your design palette should tell a story. If your story is flamboyant and outrageous, then a hot pink or fuchsia frame will work superbly with the bright colours saturating your home. Combine a statement pink with a similar shade of green for a high contrast, high impact harmony that demands attention is drawn to your artwork. You will need to ensure that the picture creates a big enough impact to not be overshadowed, but, if you have a bold conversational piece you want to show off, a bright pink frame could be perfect.

If your taste is a little less exuberant, a pink frame can still be a winner. Paler shades, more in keeping with pink’s associations with friendship, inner peace and affection, can soften the edges of a darker colour palette and bring warmth to an otherwise serious environment. Rose or blush pinks, especially when complementing analogous colours like darker purples and reds, can be highly effective, making your artwork the focal point of the room. Select the pink in your frame based on a shade in the picture itself to ensure a sense of continuity as well as contrast.

We are happy to give more advice about the design of your frame, but, with our online picture frame builder tool, we are confident that you will find it straightforward to create the perfect frame for your vision.

If you do have any questions, we will use our 30 years’ experience to provide whatever help we can. We’ll then use all that experience, allied to the finest materials and equipment, to hand craft your frame to your exact specifications.

We are proud to make all our frames ourselves in our own workshops in Manchester and Lancashire; we don’t outsource or mass-produce anything, so you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality frame, as well as something you won’t see anywhere else. We are proud of our made to measure picture frames, and we believe you will be too.


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