Purple Picture Frames

Purple Picture Frames

Historically, purple has been associated with wealth and power, perhaps due to its rarity in the natural world. Consequently, using a purple picture frame as part of your interior colour palette will create an immediate feeling of luxury and grandeur in your home. The power of colour psychology is such that the introduction of even a small amount of purple into your overall scheme can significantly elevate the overall effect.

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23mm Flat purple cube

Inspiration for Your Custom Purple Picture Frames

The shade of purple you choose for your picture frame will be determined by two main factors: the colour season of your décor, and the tones in the artwork you are displaying. Purple, a combination of strong warm red and strong cool blue, is extremely versatile from a colour season perspective; different shades of purple accentuate the natural warming or cooling properties. Whichever tone best matches your overall vision, you can make use of a purple picture frame and enjoy the calming effects that purple’s inherent spirituality infuses into your home.

The same versatility applies to matching a purple frame to your picture.

Dark purple frames in colours like like plum, eggplant and wine emphasise purple’s historic associations with luxury and power and will suit traditional pictures with serious tones.

Light purple frames, while still elegant and sophisticated, are softer and less serious, so can be perfect in picture frames displaying special family photos or pictures with brighter colours. In these cases, opt for shades like lavender, lilac or periwinkle.

Spend some time thinking about the story you want to tell with your décor and then use our simple online picture frame design tool to create your perfect frame.

We will use our vast experience (we have been making frames for over 30 years) to offer any assistance you need during the design phase, and to craft your frame to your exact specifications.

You can be confident that your frame will be the highest quality, as we only use the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment, and we make all our made to measure picture frames ourselves in our own Manchester and Lancashire workshops.

We are proud of our craftmanship, so we don’t mass-produce anything or outsource any of our work. We also take great care over the packaging of your frame, to ensure that it reaches you in the same perfect state it left our workshop. You can rest assured that you will be getting a top-quality picture frame you will be proud to hang on your wall.


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