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Red Picture Frames Made to Measure

A red picture frame makes a strong, assertive statement, filling your space with a dynamic energy and sense of self-confidence. As one of the most visible colours, choosing red as the colour for your picture frame will ensure that your picture is immediately noticed – perfect for a conversational piece which deserves the red-carpet treatment.

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23mm Flat red cube

Some Inspiration for Your Red Picture Frames 

Full of passion and vibrancy, red is associated with love and desire, and will provide a perfect showcase for a piece of art which is truly special, and which you feel creates a powerful enough impact to not be overshadowed by such a dramatic frame.

Red is a versatile, as well as eye-catching, colour. Of course, scarlet and crimson shades will demand attention, and will work best in a chic, modern, minimalist room, but deeper maroon and burgundy tones can be well suited to a traditional rural or rustic design scheme. Whichever tint or value of red you choose, you can guarantee that your picture frame will catch the eye.

When it comes to harmonising colours in your room, use complementary colours across the palette like pale blues and greens to provide a contrast with your red frame for a high impact combination, or apply a monochromatic design using different shades, tones and tints of red to provide a more subtle colour scheme.

Once you have a sense for the type of red you are interested in, it really couldn’t be easier to design your bespoke, top quality frame. Using our online picture frame builder tool is straight-forward, and we will be on-hand if you have any questions during the process. We have been crafting quality picture frames for 30 years, and we remain a family owned and run business, and our reputation for outstanding customer service, as well as exceptional craftmanship, is important to us.

All our frames are made by us, in our own Manchester and Lancashire workshops, using the finest materials and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that your made to measure picture frame will precisely meet your exact specifications.

This means that, as nothing we make is mass produced, you can rest assured that, not only will be quality be superb, you will also never see your frame on someone else’s wall.


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