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One of the most beautiful and glamourous of all colours, silver is associated with elegance and sophistication. Like gold, silver is a symbol of riches and wealth, and, in a traditional, ornate picture frame, is a perfect choice if you are looking to create a sense of classic luxury in your home. In contrast, silver picture frames can provide a sleek, futuristic feel when used in a modern, minimalist style frame with clean, straight lines.

Silver picture frames are perfect for bringing a sleek, modern style to any home. Sliver is an understated colour that brings comfort and class.  When framing a special item, silver is the perfect choice!

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35mm wide flat silver
38mm silver/gold scoop
30mm metallic pewter cube
30mm metallic silver cube

Inspiration for Your Silver Picture Frames

Silver picture frames are highly versatile when it comes to choosing the location to hang your picture.  Silver frames combine well with a range of décor styles and colour palettes.

A matt effect gun metal Silver Picture Frame contains the same cooling properties as grey, so is an ideal choice for black and white photos.  While gloss or foil finish silver frames can be matched with bright, colourful pictures due to their lively and playful feel.

Many people believe that silver acts as a suppressor of negative energy, replacing it with more positive vibes, so the addition of a Silver Picture Frame to your room can have a real impact on the mood of your space.

The versatility of Silver Picture Frames extends to the types of artwork which they can display. Modern pictures are often showcased in simple silver frames, as the sharp, industrial nature of the frame complements the abstract images perfectly. A decorative Silver Frame, on the other hand, can be the ideal choice for an antique painting or classic print which you feel deserves an art gallery style presentation.

If you’re looking for a glamourous touch to your interior design, but with functional benefits, our bespoke silver frames are the perfect choice.

Our frames can be made to your exact size requirements and are most commonly used in contemporary homes due to their sleek style and futuristic edge.

Loved by interior designers everywhere, a silver picture frame will turn heads for all of the right reasons

You can play with our easy to use online frame builder while you consider your different options with a silver picture frame; once you are happy with your design, we will manufacture it to your exact specifications.

If you have any questions when designing your frame, we will be happy to use our 30 years of picture framing experience to assist you. As a family run business, relationships are important to us, and we are committed to you receiving a frame which matches your vision.

We only use the finest materials and don’t mass-produce anything; we craft all frames individually in our own workshops in Manchester and Lancashire.

Your made to measure picture frame will also be packed with great care, to ensure that it is in perfect condition when you hang it on your wall. We are committed to helping you perfectly realise your vision with the perfect Silver Picture Frame.


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