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Some people assume a Vintage Picture Frame is for classic or period pieces, and it is true that this style of picture looks fabulous in a vintage frame: the gravitas of a vintage frame suits pieces like these perfectly. But this is not a hard and fast rule, and modern, contemporary artwork (including photography) can look stunning in a Vintage Style Picture Frame. In fact, the contrast between a classic, traditional frame and a vibrant modern picture can often create an even more powerful impact.

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52mm wide reverse dark wood
65mm wide reverse dark wood with gold edge
62mm wide reverse antique pine
36mm wide reverse antique pine
20mm wide traditional cushion
24mm wide traditional walnut stain
38mm wide gold scoop
35mm wide metallic pewter scoop
31mm wide flat gold
31mm wide flat silver
75mm Ornate gold
75mm Ornate Silver Reverse

Some Inspiration for Your Vintage Picture Frames

The timeless, almost magical beauty of a Vintage Picture Frame means that they are equally at home in a sleek contemporary flat and a rustic farmhouse. And don’t assume that a vintage frame is only suitable for larger pieces – smaller pictures can equally demand the grandeur and effortless style of a retro frame. With our frame builder, you can design your frame to your exact requirements, so no picture is too big or too small.

Whatever the style or size of your picture, there are some things which are worth keeping in mind when considering this style of frame:

  • Location – vintage picture frames tend to have more impact in rooms designed for relaxation, as opposed to more functional, hard spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. A vintage picture frame is perfect as a conversational centre piece in your lounge, reception room or sitting room, immediately creating an elevated sense of style and glamour.
  • Impact level – vintage picture frames make a statement. You need to consider the artwork you are showcasing and ensure that the frame does not upstage it: the impact level of the art should be at least the same as the frame.

We understand how important a piece of art worthy of a Retro Picture Frame is, and we are committed to providing the finest service possible. We can do this because we remain a family owned and run business, combining our 30 years of picture framing experience with state-of-the-art equipment and processes to craft bespoke, hand-made frames in our own Manchester and Lancashire workshops.

While exploring our vintage collection, you’ll find an exciting juxtaposition with our Antique Style Picture Frames. These frames are designed to mimic the grandeur and intricate detail of genuine antique pieces, creating an old-world, historical vibe. Yet, they too are crafted with the same devotion to quality and attention to detail as all our offerings.

An Antique-Style Picture Frame offers a classic touch to your photos or artwork, bringing a sense of history to your decor. These frames are carefully designed to resemble the style of older periods, often featuring decorative designs, subtle carvings, and charming details. The goal is to capture the beauty and distinct feel of past times, lending a touch of elegance to whatever they encase.

Our picture frame builder tool gives you control of the design phase, and we will be available at every stage to answer any questions that arise.

Your custom picture frame will then be hand-crafted to your exact specifications, and securely packaged and delivered to you, ensuring that the frame you hang on your wall is precisely the vision you had in your head.

Vintage photos frames and vintage picture frames are a popular trend this year, helping to create that ‘shabby chic’ style that embraces a worn look that feels cosy, comfortable, vintage, yet effortless.

Our Vintage Picture Frames are available in over 20 styles, and each custom frame is made by hand by our experienced team to produce a high quality original piece ready for your home, office or studio.  We’ll help you to design a bespoke, made to measure frame to complete your image and display it beautifully for years to come.

Use our easy online builder to design and order a bespoke picture frame today.


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Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas
Very pleased. Delivery earlier than promised. Quality of product excellent. 10/10.
adam smith
adam smith
Amazing comms and service. Perfectly wrapped and delivered next day. Thank you.
Rachel Horsfall
Rachel Horsfall
Lovely bespoke frame, excellent quality, good price and packaged very well. Really pleased. First time I’ve used this company, would definitely recommend and use again.
Jane Emburey
Jane Emburey
Very pleased with the frame. Well made and reasonably priced. It came beautifully packaged with clear instructions for hanging. I will use Picture Frames Direct again.
John Irwin
John Irwin
Great value product with so many color and style combinations best I was able to find on line - and with great service too
Rob Mason
Rob Mason
Really pleased with the mount , quality service, packing and delivery - would certainly recommend 👌
Brendan Mc Dermott
Brendan Mc Dermott
Excellent service. Purchased a custom made frame, which fits perfectly and arrived in pristine condition. Would definitely recommend.
Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson
Really nice frame and mount, quick delivery too. Just in time for Mother’s Day - thank you!
Jackie Edgar
Jackie Edgar
My experience from start to finish with Picture Frames Direct was outstanding. I had an odd size print and was able to order a bespoke frame with a mount and the resulting frame just looks gorgeous. Delivered within the stated timeframe and well packaged so there was no fear of damage. Excellent quality at a good price. I would highly recommend.
James Lawson
James Lawson
Frames look great. Delivered promptly as promised.

‘Vintage’ refers to something high-quality produced in the past.  A true vintage piece would be more than 50 years old.  Of course, all of our made to measure vintage style picture frames are brand new!

All kinds of images, from photos to oil paintings, look good in a vintage frame, but one idea you might not have thought is to put a mirror in a vintage or retro style frame.  In the right room, it can make a real impact.

Vintage picture frames are old frames that were made in the past, usually before the mid-20th century. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours, and materials, and they can be made of wood, metal, plastic, or other materials. Vintage frames can be ornate, elaborate, and decorative, or they can be simple, plain, and minimal. They can be gilded, painted, carved, or embossed, and they can be embellished with details, patterns, and motifs that reflect the fashion, the culture, and the history of the time. Vintage frames can be used to frame antique prints, vintage photos, or modern artwork, and they can add a sense of nostalgia, charm, and authenticity to the piece. Vintage frames can be found at antique shops, flea markets, and online stores, and they can be restored, repaired, or repurposed by professional conservators or DIY enthusiasts. Vintage frames can also be collected, admired, and displayed as decorative objects or as historical artefacts.

Of course, all of our made to measure vintage style picture frames are brand new!

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