White Picture Frames

White Picture Frames Made to Measure

If you want a frame which is endlessly versatile, and which makes any style of artwork look fabulous, a White Picture Frame is a perfect choice.

Possessing an entirely positive colour psychology, white represents purity and brilliance, bringing an effortless coolness and simplicity to your interior.

Equally at home in a modern apartment, and, in a distressed form, in a rustic country farmhouse, a White Picture Frame creates a stylish, artistic feel in any home.

A White Picture Frame is a versatile and timeless piece of home décor. It can be delicate or strong, casual or elegant-- the versatility depends on the rest of your space. Start your contemporary collection with a white frame!

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20mm Wide Flat White
23mm Angled Flat White
33mm Wide White Scoop
29mm Wide Flat White
22mm Flat White Cube
20mm Wide Flat White Deep Rebate
40mm Wide Flat White
30mm Wide White Scoop
53mm Wide White Scoop
30mm Angled Flat White
35mm Open Grain White/Grey Bevelled
30mm Open Grain White/Grey Bevelled

Inspiration for Your White Picture Frames

White represents a sense of new beginnings, and white in your décor can help to clear emotional clutter, providing a fresh, clean vibe and a lighter, brighter feel for your room. Whatever the overall aesthetic, a White Picture Frame can elevate and cleanse any space.

The subtle beauty of a White Picture Frame, especially hung on a white wall, ensures that it is your piece of art that attracts attention, with the frame adding texture, as well as style.

While the versatility of a White Picture Frame means that almost anything will look sensational, white frames are usually used for more casual pieces such as un-posed family photos. Black and white pictures look superb displayed in a white frame, accentuating darker shades and causing lighter colours to blend into the background. This modern, artistic feel can be made more dramatic if white and black frames are contrasted in a gallery wall. The beauty of a white frame is that its timeless, clean simplicity will also showcase a bright, colourful image perfectly, if you choose to change your display.

A creative way to make a room look better is with a simple white picture frame. Let one of these bespoke frames put you in the mood for classy, stylish home decorating.

The versatility of a White Picture Frame means that almost anything will look sensational- from artsy pieces to traditional art. Whether it’s a black and white or just a colour photo, these frames breathe new life into any space around your house!

Our easy to use online picture frame builder will allow you to consider all your options as you design your perfect frame. We will be available if you need any advice, and we will then use our 30 years’ experience as a family run framing business, precision crafting your picture frame to your exact specifications.

We ensure the quality of our frames by making them all ourselves, in our own workshops, and by only using the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment. We have also developed an exceptional packaging system which means that your made to measure picture frame will arrive with you in the same perfect condition it left our workshop. We are confident that the frame you receive from us will be the exact vision you had in your head, and that you will love seeing your frame hanging on your wall as much as we loved making it.


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