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Yellow Picture Frames Made to Measure

Vibrant and energetic, yellow is the colour of hope and happiness, immediately associated with sunshine and warmth. This powerful colour psychology means that a yellow picture frame can have a profound effect on the energy and mood in your room, infusing it with positivity and joy. Your décor makes a statement about your attitude to life; incorporating yellow into your colour palette immediately suggests an upbeat and optimistic outlook.

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23mm Flat yellow cube

Inspiration for Your Yellow Picture Frames

Bright yellow is, undeniably, an attention-grabbing colour. If your chosen colour scheme is flamboyant and dramatic, a bright yellow frame will still draw focus towards your artwork. Your piece will need its own strong character, to ensure it is not overshadowed by the frame and the overall effect, but if you have a piece which needs to grab centre stage, even in an extravagant and theatrical environment, a bumblebee or cyber yellow frame is ideal.

Yellow isn’t only about ostentatious displays of positivity, however.

The same positive energy and colour psychology can be generated with more mellow yellow shades such as mustard and ochre. These yellows are more versatile as picture frames as they can display a wider range of images and work in a wider range of environments. A butterscotch yellow picture frame would look perfect in a country cottage kitchen and showcase a rural watercolour while providing a soothing, gentle warmth to the room. Choose a yellow which complements the tones and undertones of your existing colour palette, perhaps harmonising it with gentle greens or warm orange shades, and you will find that a yellow picture frame will elevate the mood in any room.

Our online picture frame builder tool allows you to design your frame exactly as you want it, and we can answer any questions you have during this phase, to ensure your design perfectly matches your vision. As soon as you are happy, we will craft your made to measure picture frame to your exact specifications in one of our own workshops in Manchester or Lancashire.

We make all our frames ourselves, using 30 years’ experience, the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment. We never compromise on quality because we are committed to offering you the best service possible. This includes the time and care we take packing your frame so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Whatever your vision for your piece of art, we are sure that you will love the way our frame showcases it on your wall.


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